Tuesday 11 October 2011

Sunday Morning Worship Pictures

Lionel has sent out the pictures that he shared on Sunday morning during the worship time.

During worship time I saw a series of pictures.

Firstly of a large square building with a roof prominent in the picture, with a type of red Spanish roll tile. At the corners of the building were large down-pipes, and at the foot of each were large water butts, to capture the rainwater.

I then saw in the distance large dark clouds of a type recognisable pregnant/heavy with rain.

I then saw a huge rainfall pouring on to the roof, quickly filling the 4 empty water butts, and that then there were many other water butts being filled at the house corners by extension from the foot of the down-pipe (not from the other main butt).

I felt that the water clouds represented a visiting rainfall from heaven of the presence of the Holy Spirit at a time during this season, which flowed over the roof and into the 4 corner butts, and such was the downfall that there was a filling for many other butts. There was not a clamouring to get to the corner positioning, but there was an eagerness to be there and to be in position.

I was shaken after I had seen this event, and spoke it out into the silence of worship. It causes me to be expectant.

Lionel Mackey