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Period of Prayer & Fasting –March – April 2011

Why prayer and fasting now?
Since early January 2011 a number of people in Trinity Church have felt individually prompted by the Lord that as a Church we should enter into a period of prayer and fasting to seek the Lord’s face to enjoy him and to discern if he has things to teach us and say to us – things which might only emerge during a concentrated time in his presence as individuals and as a community of his people.

This upcoming period can be an exciting time for us all as we sacrifice things from our everyday lives to create additional time and space to engage with our Heavenly Father.

What will be happening?
Some of this engaging will happen privately as we individually fast and seek the Lord on a personal basis. Some of the fast period can be with others, (family, friends, cell, ministry colleagues, etc).
The Boardroom in the Exchange will become a prayer room between 13:00 – 14:00 each Monday to Friday, from 9th March to 22nd April. Everyone is welcome to attend this time which will be facilitated each day by someone from one of the TCN prayer teams.
On Friday 22nd April the prayer room will be open all day and people can gather to particularly reflect on, and respond to, the Lord’s death for us.

Personal Prayer

You might want to use this time of prayer and fasting to deepen your relationship with the Lord. Spending increased time in his presence can facilitate this happening. Jesus indicated to his friend Mary that the time she spent with him was a good choice on her part and the ‘better’ thing to do, and that what happened her in this time ‘would not be taken away from her’.


You might also want to use the time to intercede for particular needs in your family, neighbourhood, in Ireland and even international issues which require the Lord’s intervention. Perhaps our joint intercession on particular anti-Kingdom strongholds will result in a flow of liberty, justice and life for many people we know (and don’t know).


The choice on our part to worship the Lord is an act of spiritual warfare and one which exalts him and declares him to the spirit world as the only true God. Committing ourselves to additional and extended periods of worship during the time of fasting will be honouring to the Lord, probably increase our awareness and appreciation/love of him, and certainly unsettle things in the spiritual realm.

Recent & upcoming teaching

Recently Andrea Wigglesworth encouraged us to ‘be brave now’ and move into new, different, and deeper places with the Lord as we personally and corporately journey with Him. Our time of fasting will facilitate this as we seek to discern what the Lord is saying to us for our future together, the shape this will take, and how best we can extend the kingdom of God among us and to other people.
Our new teaching series will consist of invitations into the ‘Extraordinary’, (another of the key words which Andrea felt was from the Lord for us). Each Sunday’s teaching will present us with an opportunity to move from a place of ‘mundane/ordinary’ into a different realm of spiritual experience where there are new possibilities in the Lord for us and to allow these to become part of our everyday spiritual walk.

Some helpful resources to facilitate our period of prayer and fasting.


Jentezen Franklin on Fasting

Chavda Ministries

Or Try a Daniel Fast


“Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin
“The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting” by Mahesh Chavda
“God’s Chosen Fast: A Spiritual & Practical Guide to Fasting” by Arthur Wallis

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