Monday 1 July 2013


Part 2 - Walled for Display

Shortly after receiving this word overlaid with glory, I started to read the historical books of Ezra and Nehemiah together with the prophecies of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi which were instrumental to the events of these times. I started to see something which I had not seen before.

Jerusalem did not prosper without a wall
Having returned from exile in Babylon, the people of Israel began rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. They were persecuted and as a result they stopped building. Only after Haggai and Zechariah the prophets imparted vision and courage through the prophecies they spoke, did building recommence and the temple was completed. However, despite this victory, famine and oppression prevailed. It was only when Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem years later and rebuilt the broken walls around the city that God’s people finally had security and protection and began to prosper. Though God had been in their midst security and protection only came when the wall was in place.

Ezra the helper: overlayed Jerusalem with glory within
Once the temple had been built Ezra made sure to teach God’s word to the people of Israel. Interestingly, the name Ezra means helper; one of the names given to the Holy Spirit. God intended this glory within FOR HIS PEOPLE to enjoy and to experience.

Nehemiah the comforter: overlayed Jerusalem with the glory on the outside
Nehemiah’s name means comforter; also another name given to the Holy Spirit. Some years after Ezra, Nehemiah saw to it that the city of Jerusalem was overlaid with glory outside the city around  by rebuilding the city walls.  God intended this overlaying of glory as protection for Israel and also as a display of strength TO THOSE OUTSIDE it.
How to wear a wall; the believer and the church
The temple in Jerusalem and the wall outside Jerusalem is a prophetic picture which points to the New Covenant temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Ark of the Covenant; the first place where God chose to dwell is a precursor to the New Covenant dwelling place of God; within the believer themselves. When we become Christians, the new spirit we are given, the Holy Spirit, dwells within us. In this way, and like the Ark of ancient Israel, we are overlaid on the inside with the spirit of God, Christ in us; the hope of glory. God said in Joel 2:28 that “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all people”. 
Just as the Spirit was poured out on Jesus and rested “UPON” Him so will all believers in Jesus wear the Spirit on the outside, just as Jesus did. In Luke 24:49 Jesus says: 
“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” 

Here it is clear we will be clothed with the Garment of the Spirit, we will wear the Spirit on the outside just like Jesus did.

God is holding out a truth for us to grasp, which is so liberating that if we step into it and grasp it we will be completely renewed and will inherit and live the abundant life.The wall clothes, protects and shelters the city. The city wears its wall proudly and becomes reinforced and empowered by its presence.

The prophetic words of Zechariah speak of the day when the Holy Spirit will be a wall of fire like at Pentecost around the dwelling place of God, a child of God / believer. “… I myself will be a wall of fire around it, declares the LORD, 'and I will be its glory within” Zechariah 2:5. This is the same prophetic picture of the New Covenant temple of the Holy Spirit believer as in Joel 2.

Stepping onto the wall

Finally, Nehemiah steps onto the wall itself which causes great joy and celebration to break out among the people. This is a declaration of trust in the Holy Spirit which is the wall of fire around the city. Nehemiah cries out for us to do likewise.

Ezra prophetically declares wearing the Spirit of Glory within brings hope, Nehemiah prophetically declares that, security, strength and comfort come by wearing your fire around you. The Holy Spirit within (the Temple in the city) was for use by the people of God, the wall (the Holy Spirit on the outside) is to display the Gods Glory unto the nations.

Declan D.

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